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Have you had your STI check up?

I know this is something no one really likes to talk about but it is something everyone should have done, whether Gay, Straight or Bi.

It is something that can be very daunting for the first time, as you sit there waiting your heart starts to beat faster and faster knowing that with every patient that walks out you are closer to being next… Then your name is called and you feel like you want to walk straight past the room and out the front door.

Once you are in there and you take a seat, your palms start to sweat and get even more nervous until the doctor asks “What seems to be the problem?”. Once he asks this, you just come out and tell him what you are there for and remember that he is a Doctor and there to help with no judgement (even though he doesn’t like that I don’t live a life of Abstinence).

Then it is the wait for your results…… which can be days/weeks! This can be hard also because 1000 things go through your mind like, what if? how could I be stupid enough? etc. Just remember to be strong and make sure you have someone you can turn to if you need them.

(This is my veiw and experiance and don’t mean everyone thinks the same as I do.)

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